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"JME has been working with Koons for a decade now. They are a trust-worthy, well experienced & friendly full service marketing firm. They have an exceptional turnaround time and are always there when we need them. They are indeed an integral component of why we thrive as one of the largest leading auto groups on the East Coast. They comtinue to be a driving support of profit and traffic for our dealerships."

Ramzy Handal

Vice President * Fixed Operations * Jim Koons Automobile Companies

"Starting out I was slightly skeptical about how this program would work. But just in the first few weeks of the program, we have generated over $33,000 in lost customer revenue PLUS almost half of the checks we have received in at this point have been customers who have never been in my store. It really has worked! I am very impressed!"

Al Garcia

Service Director * Tysons Toyota

"When i signed up for JME's Service Checkbook Program I never anticipated the revenue we would reap from each mailing. From just one 5000 piece mailing for my Chevy Buick GMC store, we raked in $650,629.02! I now have my whole dealership group involved in the program and we are closing in on $2 million dollar mark. JME takes the fear and skepticism out of investing in a new program. They can show you the proof of the programs sucess and now i can too! Jumpon board, you won't regret it!"

Brian Schwartz

General Manager * Berglund Automotive Group

"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help in putting together our Checkbook mailer. It has been by far the most effective marketing tool we have used in years. We already have people comming in for second visits using their checks. We are averaging $467.00 per repair order! We could not be more pleased with you and your team. Looking foward to working on another project. See you soon."

Perry Hutter

Service Director * Freehold Ford